06 noviembre 2011

Basic Sentence Pattern

みんなさん おはよお!(Morning, everyone!)

Today we'll learn how to make basic sentences! Isn't that great? Now we can start to speak & write :D... Only this is just a start... There's still a long way to go.

Pattern:           A   です

                       "It is A."

A being a noun. ですcan be translated to "it is". BUT it is not pronounced "desu", it is pronounced "dess".

Example:         さる です

                    "It is a monkey."

VERY simple but useful!! This is just our beginning in this Japanese long trip ;D


Vocabulary : 
monkey - さる
grapes - ぶどう
strawberry - いちご
pumpkin - かぼちゃ
Yes - はい
pear - なし
cherry - さくらんぼ
mushroom - きのこ
peach - もも
octopus - たこ
watermelon - すいか


Today's song: The Swellers "This is my Everest" ~This is our Everest, but we'll get to the top :)

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