13 noviembre 2011

Asking Questions @_@

Hey everyone!! :D

This is just a tiny little thing, simple, but SO great! Asking questions is absolutely super important >.< AND for our luck, is SO easy in Japanese ^^

You just have to add   か at the end of the sentence... And... tadaa! You've just converted the sentence into a question :D

Pattern:     A   です  ?

                   "Is it A?"

Here I've set up the pattern with です because it's the verb I've learnt. You can use  か with other things, just add it up at the end ;)

example:     なし です?

                   "Is it a pear?"

So till the moment, we already know how to set up sentences and how to ask, that's a great improvement! ^^

Today's song: Biffy Clyro "Bubbles" ~I totally love this band *-*

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