24 octubre 2011


Today's topic: ひらがな (HIRAGANA)

¿Easy peasy? I do think so ;) Let's get on with it then!

 Key: Follow the pattern (a i u e o

[From left to right, from top to bottom]

Really bad quality pics... ò_ó mad at blogger, can't there be an intermediate size between large and extra large!? Well, sorry for that, I got this pic from Wikipedia, so there you can see it perfect.

These are the basic characters, but by adding dakuten (marks), such as ten ten (two little strokes on the top) or maru (little circle on the top) you get more sounds. 

Also there is combination hiragana: hiragana characters combined with a small やya/ゆyu/よyo  [These must be small, I just don't know how to fully use IME very well...] 

Also to write doubled consonants, before the consonant you write a small  つtsu [This must be small too...]
Here are examples so you understand, as today I'm not explaining myself very well...
Cafe: きっさてん (kissaten) /// Stamp: きって (kitte)

That's it with hiragana, just learn them. The pronunciation of hiragana is basically "Spanish-like" sounds. There are zillions of videos on Youtube ;D

Enjoy learning hiragana, it's fun and rewarding!!

Today's song: Yui Horie (& Unscandal) "Scramble" ~Very Positive! Because we are both happy now we know ひらがな , it's a very big step on our Japanese ^^

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